Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is DRAGEN Array analysis a local (on-premises) or cloud solution? DRAGEN Array analysis is available locally (on-premises) and cloud.

    DRAGEN Array Local Analysis utilizes a command-line interface for power users to have granular control and flexibility to support large scale microarray genomic studies. Deployed on Windows or Linux operating systems, the local package is CPU-based and does not require a specialized server or hardware.

    DRAGEN Array Cloud Analysis utilizes the user-friendly, graphical interface of BaseSpace Sequence Hub to simplify analysis setup and kickoff.

  2. Which Infinium arrays is DRAGEN Array compatible with? Genotyping: DRAGEN Array can produce GTC files for any Infinium genotyping array. For customers interested in obtaining a genotyping VCF file, any human genotyping array is supported. Conversion to VCF requires a FASTA file input. Illumina provides FASTA files for human genome build 37 and 38 on the support site.

    Pharmacogenomics: Global Diversity Array with Enhanced PGx is supported for PGx CNV calling and star allele calling. Manifest version E and later should be used.

  3. How many samples are needed per analysis? Genotyping: As few as one sample can be used for genotyping. Multiple analysis batches can be kicked off and run in parallel.

    Pharmacogenomics: A minimum of 24 samples is required for PGx CNV calling with 22 passing QC. Passing QC is defined as Log R Dev < 0.2. 96 samples are recommended for the most accurate CNV results. Multiple analysis batches can be kicked off and run in parallel.

  4. Which PGx CNVs and star alleles are available? Please refer to the DRAGEN Array release notes.

  5. Where can I find demo data? Demo data is available in BaseSpace under the “Demo Data” section. All array data starts with “iScan:” and includes the name of the type of analysis. Supported types of analysis can be found in the Applications section.

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