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DRAGEN (Dynamic Read Analysis for GENomics) Array secondary analysis is a powerful bioinformatics software for Illumina Infinium array-based assays. DRAGEN Array uses cutting-edge data analysis tools to provide accurate, comprehensive, and highly efficient secondary analysis to maximize genomic insights and meet your research needs across multiple applications.
The DRAGEN Array v1.0 release, which powers genotyping analysis and a pharmacogenomics (PGx) analysis pipeline, delivers:
Accurate results
  • Greater than 99.5% genotyping accuracy and 95% PGx CNV accuracy
  • Assess hard to discern PGx genes, including the elusive CYP2D6 with greater than 98% call rate
Comprehensive coverage
  • PGx CNV coverage on 6 target genes across 9 target regions
  • PGx star allele and variant coverage across 1700+ targets for over 50 genes. Detects hybrid alleles and star allele specific copy number.
Efficient analysis
  • Genotyping, PGx CNV calling, and star allele annotation in a single platform
  • Genotyping Variant Call File (VCF) achievable in under 35 seconds per sample
Cloud and local deployment
DRAGEN Array is offered as a local, command-line package (no specialized server or hardware required) and as a cloud-based package with intuitive graphical user interface.
This product documentation describes the installation and setup, analysis execution, and result outputs. For the latest updates and release details, see the DRAGEN Array Release Notes.
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